Too Many Toys?

I was that pregnant mom who said I will not have this many toys laying around my  house!  Well, I AM!!  Three huge tubs of toys and I’m going crazy!  I am blessed to have some organizing queens as sister-in-laws.  They both give me tons of ideas, advice and encouragement.  So we are supposed to be out of our house by March 4th I am beginning my toy organization here so that when we get into our new house it should be a lot easier.  These tubs have been sitting by the toys for over 2 weeks.  I had this preconceived idea that they had to be organized by name brand, type, color, etc.  That’s a bit exaggerated but I just didn’t know which toys should go in which tub.  What if when I get one box out Jack doesn’t have the toy he wants.  WHO CARES?!  Just put them somewhere!  So, today, two weeks later, I am putting them in tubs.  There’s no way to organize 50 million toys, so I just started putting them in.  If I had 3 balls, I put one in each.  Same with cars.  Now they are going out to the garage today so that Jack doesn’t keep taking things out.

The second picture is books.  Now I don’t know if a child can have too many books but they can become just as overwhelming as tons of toys.  So this has been my week, boxing up stuff and taking it to the garage.  Thankfully our basement is cleaned out at the new house so I’ve been moving stuff over.  My goal is to have as much as possible already over there by the end of this week and have all next week to move furniture and bigger things.  So I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know that this is why I’ve been gone lately.  I probably shouldn’t have started a blog during a remodel!

Let me know what you do with your toys and books.  How do you stay organized?  I still feel pretty new to this staying at home thing.  I don’t really have a routine yet and that’s something I’m working on.  I don’t stay home as much as I should and I think that’s to avoid having to clean and organize.  So if you have any tips or suggestions, let me know!

Jack is such a good model.  Half of the job is keeping them in the tub.  He sees one through the side and starts digging to get it!

These are with my little point and shoot camera so the quality isn’t too great.  Sorry about that!

He should be a genius with all these books!!

Have a great day!


Valentine’s Day Can’t Come too Late!

Finally, a date night!  Evan and I have only went on a handful of dates since little Jackson was born but last night we were able to celebrate our valentines day with dinner and  a movie.  We took a long awaited trip to Rolla and watched This Means War with my favorite actress Reese Witherspoon!  We had dinner at Gordo’s and looked at the reviews of the movie while we were waiting for our dinner.  The critics only gave it 25%.  I knew I’d love it but Evan was a little skeptical!  Well they were completely wrong!  I absolutely loved it!  And Evan really liked it too.  He laughed a lot and that’s how I know he likes a movie.  So thank you MeMaw for babysitting and letting us enjoy a few hours to ourselves.

Speaking of Valentines day, if you have husbands like mine, finding a valentines day gift is very stressful and unless you choose something your self, you’re probably not getting anything.  Not that you have to have an elaborate gift but a little something is nice to show that you’re still appreciated.  Jokingly,  I said,  “Can you belive Christy forgot to deliver my flowers today?!”  We both cracked up over that one, because we all know that Evan didn’t send me any!  Christy is the owner of Woody’s Flowers and is an excellent florist.  I like to give gifts that the person will actually use and enjoy.  I bought Evan a coffee grinder this year with some Starbucks coffee.  (Technically he bought it for himself since I’m a stay at home mama, haha, but he never said a word.)  He has used it every single day since Valentine’s day.  Success!!  Only ever so often does this happen, unless I get him boxers or deodorant or something so obvious.  So what did I get?  I bought myself (technically he bought it) a glass mixer bowl for my Kitchenaid mixer.  I haven’t used it yet but it looks pretty on my counter!  Martha Stewart has been using her new bowl on this new season.  If Martha has it, I need it!!

So I hope you all had a great valentines day!  And if you didn’t get just what you wanted try focusing on the other person in your life and really want to get them that special something that they will enjoy instead of what you didn’t get.  And then go out and get it yourself!  Your hubby might actually thank you!

Oh Blog How I’ve Missed YOU!

Good morning!  I’m sorry I haven’t written in a week and a half!  I have been crazy busy packing, photographing, cleaning a the new house, and just doing everyday tasks, like taking care of my hubby and our little guy.

Speaking of that love of my life, he finally got back from Africa!  My friend and I surprised our husbands by picking them up at the airport!  They were very surprised but really tired.  Africa is 8 hours ahead of us and 60 degrees warmer.  I don’t know if I’d want to come back yet!  Evan brought us back some t-shirts and he got me a really pretty bracelet.

I’m so glad he’s back but he has went straight into remodel mode.  Speaking of, we are moving out of our house in two weeks!  I’m so excited  but that probably means shorter and less frequent posts.  But not 2 weeks in between, I promise you that!  There will probably be more pictures which I always love!  Here are a few pictures of Evan’s trip and our new house!

This picture cracked me up!  Evan said they were at a park and the monkeys were just hanging out.

He also has a picture of a monkey running along side their car.  Another picture has a flock of emu’s in the road.

How amazing would this view be in your back yard?

And here’s a picture of my laundry room.  It isn’t finished yet but it is going to be my favorite room!

I feel that if you like the room you’re in you’ll enjoy doing things in it!  So even though I don’t like laundry I think I can get through it just because I love the room and I’ve made it my own.

And here’s the view of the kitchen from the laundry room.  We’re so close to being finished!  It’s the packing at the current house that I don’t really enjoy!

Well I hope you enjoy your day!  Forgive me for taking so long to say hello!

Just another Monday….

Hey there!  I am happy to say I only have 6 more days left until my hubby is back in the country!  Today he’ll be visiting a school during an assembly and may have to speak!  Evan is a little reluctant to speak in front of people so I’m praying for courage for him and the others who may have to talk to a whole school assembly.  I do not think I could do that!

1 Chronicles 28:20 “David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.”

So… 6 days till Evan gets back and I am supposed to pack up as much of our house as possible!  We will be moving around the end of the month.  We started remodeling a house a few months ago and it is “almost” finished.  Evan does most of the work himself so it does take a little longer than having someone else do it.  I’ve been packing and my nephew Parker is here to help entertain Jackson.


Here’s the new house.  It looks quite a bit different now, we took out the garage door in the basement and added a regular door and some windows.  We added a garage at an angle on the left side.  And we tore out the deck in front of the bay window in the middle.  I’ll get some new pictures taken and post them soon

Packing away my baking things first and this is the best my pantry has EVER looked!!  Does anyone else have this many plastic bags?  They will come in handy as I pack my dishes.

Do you think I can get most of the house packed by the time he gets back?  I also want to squeeze in some shopping trips since Evan’s gone, lol.  I may have my work cut out for me!!

Have a terrific Monday!!

Weekends @ Home

As I sit here, I am sipping on the best hot chocolate EVER!  My husband’s mom, Linda, got me hooked about a week ago.  She gave me a packet and I made it that night.  I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE hot chocolate.  It’s something my mom and dad started.  We had hot chocolate all the time.  Now when their grandchildren come over they always ask for it as well.  One day I’ll tell you all about how my mom is always starting traditions with our family.


So if you haven’t tried this, you simply must!

This has been the first weekend since I started my blog and I believe I was fooling myself if I thought I could post every single day.  Plus that might be a strain on our relationship!  Don’t forget to leave me some comments by the way.  No one likes to be in a one sided conversation!  So that I won’t disappoint myself, I am going to let you know now that my weekends are mostly spent with my family unless I have the occasional wedding or family to photograph.  I’m not saying I won’t post at all, but it will probably be mostly pictures.  I’m sure you won’t mind that, lol!

My mom works 4 days a week and is off on Fridays.  Since we had our baby, Jackson, and I decided to stay home, my mom and I get together on Fridays and usually sew or bake something.  My mom is an excellent seamstress and an amazing baker/cook.  She graduated from college as a librarian and home-ec teacher.  So she knows all the tricks of the trade.  She’s my very own Martha.  Over the past year she has had to really slow down and actually teach me though.  I am very appreciative and want to learn all that I can from her.  I want our time together to be documented so that I never forget what I learn from her.  I will call these segments “Fridays at Home.”  Home because no matter how old I get I think I’ll always consider my mom and dad’s house “home.”  But since Evan is gone, my Friday turned into the weekend. 

Jackson stayed the night with Mom and Dad on Thursday night and I came over Friday morning pretty early.  Mom had her cast iron skillet out and started peeling apples.  I knew exactly what she was doing and I immediately began making the pie crust.  We were making an apple pie in a skillet. I had this all pictured in my head.  You put the pie crust in the bottom of the skillet and then your pie filling and then turn the edges over onto the filling.  No need for a top crust.  I have been waiting to make a pie like this!!  Mmm…  the best!


TThere’s Mom’s pie filling recipe.  She used 8-Red Delicious apples.  The cinnamon came from Country Cupboard.  She poured the sugar, water, corn starch, and cinnamon into the peeled and sliced apples and cooked them for about 30 minutes till they were really soft.  Image

I made the pie crust using the recipe from our food processor, which we both got for Christmas last year.  It’s almost the same as Martha Stewart’s Pate Brisee.  It’s such an awesome pie crust but it does have to be chilled for a while.  When I’m in a hurry I make the Crisco crust.  Both are great but I like to mix it up sometimes!  I rolled the pie crust out and put it into the skillet.  I rolled it so that it was quite a bit larger than the skillet.  We added the apple pie filling and then turned the extra crust over onto the filling and baked it at 375 degrees for about 50 minutes. Just until the crust was a nice golden color.  This pie was heavenly!  

And here are just a few more pictures from our weekend.  My nephew Parker feeding the baby calf he named Parker!  Jack loves popcorn!  My sister Jenna came home from dental school.  We visited my Grandpa Roy in Winona and stopped at the scenic lookout and I loved the curves along the highway.  Below those are just some bath pictures of Jack that I just couldn’t pass up!  

Please remember to pray for my husband Evan who is in Africa on a mission trip.  On Saturday, they began working on the construction project and it makes me think of Philippians 4:13 ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  And Sunday will be filled with visiting and possibly sharing what Christ has done in his life.  So I’m praying for him to be able to speak encouraging words to the people.  1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are.”  

Thank you and sorry this is so long!  It’s 3 days worth!  



Gimme some energy!

Good morning!  Just a little update, Evan is in the air somewhere between Amsterdam and South Africa!  He sent me a facebook message last night at 11:30 saying they had landed in Amsterdam and would be getting on another flight soon.  This would be the longest flight of the three.  He will have been traveling for about 24 hours by the time they finally reach Cape Town and it will be 10:3o p.m.  I believe they are 8 hours ahead of us, so it’ll be about 2:30 p.m. here in Missouri when he gets there.  Just in time for me and Jack to snuggle up and take a little nap!

So today, I will be praying for Evan to have energy and endurance.  He’ll be on a plane for most of the day and I’m sure it can be very tiring.  I know I’d feel like doing nothing after traveling for 24 hours and switching many time zones.  I’d feel pretty sluggish!

Hebrews 10:36 says, “For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.”

I just pray that Evan will have the endurance to do the will of God in Cape Town.  He has felt led to help the people in South Africa and I’m so excited for him to be there.

I’m still waiting on the group photo or I would insert it [HERE]!!

Last night, I needed to make cupcakes for my sister in law and my niece came to help.  After we were finished I asked if she wanted to stay the night or go home.  She so sweetly said, “Cass, I’ll stay the night with you so you won’t be lonely.”  So, here’s just a few pictures from our cupcake baking!  And they were delicious!!

Pearcy did all the hard work!  We used an ice cream scoop to get same sized cupcakes, but with a 6 year old in control they didn’t always turn out the same!

Of course  we had to try these cupcakes so we made our own special cupcake in a large muffin pan.  They were so scrumptious!  I used sanding sugar from Country Cupboard in Licking, Mo.  It’s a simple way to add a little pizazz without too much work.  It was only $1.88 and there’s a ton of sugar in there! LOVE Country Cupboard!  They have everything!

Ok have a great day!  I’m off to my moms.  She’s off on Fridays so I always go and we usually make something!  Can’t wait to share with you!

Waffles Anyone??

Today half of my heart will be in Africa.  Well technically tomorrow, but it starts today.  My husband, Evan, is on his way to Cape Town, South Africa as we speak.  I just talked to him and he was getting ready to board his plane which takes off very soon.  He is on a mission trip with our church and will be in South Africa tomorrow.

His 30 pound suitcase holds enough clothing for 10 days and some random snacks.  We weren’t sure about the food there so we packed some beef jerky and granola bars.  We also put in some tylenol PM for the long plane ride in case he wasn’t able to sleep, benadryl in case of an allergic reaction and some meds for anything upsetting his stomach.  You have to be prepared, you know!  I also snuck some pictures of our little guy in his books and his bible so he has a little surprise while he’s reading.

Last night it finally hit me that he would be gone for 10 days on the other side of the world.  I tried to do a quick search on how many miles away Cape Town is but I wasn’t able to find it but this map (thank you Google Maps) shows it clearly.

I have been praying for his trip and of course I’m praying for safety, courage, a good trip, lost people to be saved, etc.  I also wanted to pray for specific things each day depending on what they have scheduled each day.  Each day, I’ll list what I’m praying for each day and you can pray along if you’d like.

2/2 (Today)  Rest.  Evan will be switching flights multiple times as he goes and encountering many people.  I pray that he is able to find some quiet time and rest so that he will be ready to begin working when they finally make it to South Africa.

Mark 6:31 says, “Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them,“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

So… why waffles?  Well, to keep me busy I decided I’d make waffles today.  Jack and I loved them!!

I did cheat and just used a mix but they were still tasty!!  Have a great day!


P.S…  was this post too long?  Too many pictures, not enough?  Let me know so I don’t bore you to death!