Weekends @ Home

As I sit here, I am sipping on the best hot chocolate EVER!  My husband’s mom, Linda, got me hooked about a week ago.  She gave me a packet and I made it that night.  I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE hot chocolate.  It’s something my mom and dad started.  We had hot chocolate all the time.  Now when their grandchildren come over they always ask for it as well.  One day I’ll tell you all about how my mom is always starting traditions with our family.


So if you haven’t tried this, you simply must!

This has been the first weekend since I started my blog and I believe I was fooling myself if I thought I could post every single day.  Plus that might be a strain on our relationship!  Don’t forget to leave me some comments by the way.  No one likes to be in a one sided conversation!  So that I won’t disappoint myself, I am going to let you know now that my weekends are mostly spent with my family unless I have the occasional wedding or family to photograph.  I’m not saying I won’t post at all, but it will probably be mostly pictures.  I’m sure you won’t mind that, lol!

My mom works 4 days a week and is off on Fridays.  Since we had our baby, Jackson, and I decided to stay home, my mom and I get together on Fridays and usually sew or bake something.  My mom is an excellent seamstress and an amazing baker/cook.  She graduated from college as a librarian and home-ec teacher.  So she knows all the tricks of the trade.  She’s my very own Martha.  Over the past year she has had to really slow down and actually teach me though.  I am very appreciative and want to learn all that I can from her.  I want our time together to be documented so that I never forget what I learn from her.  I will call these segments “Fridays at Home.”  Home because no matter how old I get I think I’ll always consider my mom and dad’s house “home.”  But since Evan is gone, my Friday turned into the weekend. 

Jackson stayed the night with Mom and Dad on Thursday night and I came over Friday morning pretty early.  Mom had her cast iron skillet out and started peeling apples.  I knew exactly what she was doing and I immediately began making the pie crust.  We were making an apple pie in a skillet. I had this all pictured in my head.  You put the pie crust in the bottom of the skillet and then your pie filling and then turn the edges over onto the filling.  No need for a top crust.  I have been waiting to make a pie like this!!  Mmm…  the best!


TThere’s Mom’s pie filling recipe.  She used 8-Red Delicious apples.  The cinnamon came from Country Cupboard.  She poured the sugar, water, corn starch, and cinnamon into the peeled and sliced apples and cooked them for about 30 minutes till they were really soft.  Image

I made the pie crust using the recipe from our food processor, which we both got for Christmas last year.  It’s almost the same as Martha Stewart’s Pate Brisee.  It’s such an awesome pie crust but it does have to be chilled for a while.  When I’m in a hurry I make the Crisco crust.  Both are great but I like to mix it up sometimes!  I rolled the pie crust out and put it into the skillet.  I rolled it so that it was quite a bit larger than the skillet.  We added the apple pie filling and then turned the extra crust over onto the filling and baked it at 375 degrees for about 50 minutes. Just until the crust was a nice golden color.  This pie was heavenly!  

And here are just a few more pictures from our weekend.  My nephew Parker feeding the baby calf he named Parker!  Jack loves popcorn!  My sister Jenna came home from dental school.  We visited my Grandpa Roy in Winona and stopped at the scenic lookout and I loved the curves along the highway.  Below those are just some bath pictures of Jack that I just couldn’t pass up!  

Please remember to pray for my husband Evan who is in Africa on a mission trip.  On Saturday, they began working on the construction project and it makes me think of Philippians 4:13 ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  And Sunday will be filled with visiting and possibly sharing what Christ has done in his life.  So I’m praying for him to be able to speak encouraging words to the people.  1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are.”  

Thank you and sorry this is so long!  It’s 3 days worth!  




About Wonderfully Made

I am Evan's wife and Jackson's mom. I am a lover of all cooking, sewing, and crafting. I love learning new things and showing others how to do it as well. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and so thankful he died to cover my sins.

17 responses to “Weekends @ Home

  1. Lucas Jones

    I’ll read our blog, I’m nosy I guess! But i’m def gunna try to make the skillet apple pie thing!

  2. Jessica Merckling

    I absolutely love reading your blogs!! If I can add on to what you said about carol (Cassi’s amazing mom) she is just as you described!! I love your choice of words too ” your own Martha Stewart” she truly is!! I have so many memories as well with her and us just at “home”. My favorites were homemade jam days!! 🙂
    Keep posting!! Love you and love the photos! Xoxo

  3. Leah Lee

    Thank you for posting. I have never seen pie made that way. Now we will have to try that. You are blessed to have a Mom that teaches you. I am glad you are staying busy with Evan gone. It really helps. I found out 2 weeks is OK but if it goes longer then that is when it starts really getting hard. We love you and are praying for you as well as the ones that are in Africa.

    • Hey Leah! That pie was absolutely amazing! Mom sometimes just throws ingredients in and then it turns out perfect. I have to make her slow down and follow a recipe! Thank you for your prayers and I can’t wait to hear the team’s stories.

  4. Lauren

    Hey Cassi! I miss you and your smile, and I think it’s so much fun hearing about you being a stay at home mommy with Jackson….Just like me and my baby! (who’s just a few days younger then Jackson). Although we have Callum, which is my extra helper. I love your blog and that pie looks amazing!

  5. Christie Campbell

    I love reading these. Ive watched you and jenna grow up and become beautiful women. Inside and out. Just like your momma. I hope you keep posting!!

    Ps….tell your mom hi for me please 🙂

  6. Billi -Jo Wallace

    I enjoy your blog.
    Our prayers are with Evan and the whole team.
    Pictures of Jack are precious.

  7. Brandy Messex

    Oh cassi…i loved reading your post. I also have a mother who us an awesome cook and could make just about anything…..i just hour I can also learn all those creative things from her.I’m proud of you for being an awesome mother and wife!!….love the pics…jackson is so adorable

  8. Jenna McNew

    I remember when our grandma made hot chocolate for us! I wouldn’t drink it for the longest time because I thought she said she made it from “scraps,” like table scraps. I don’t remember how I figured out she was really making it from scratch!

    • Haha! I remember that too! This hot chocolate is the closest to “scraps” chocolate I’ve ever tasted! Mom sent me home with one of her packets to make some. I think she’s hooked on it too! Miss you and good luck on your test tomorrow!

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