I’m still here!

Hello there stranger!  You’re probably saying the same thing to me, ha!  Well, we’re still remodeling our house but I think it’s getting extremely close!  (That’s what my husband tells me! And he probably just says that to appease me!)

So in case you were wondering, we have moved out of our old house and into….. my husband’s parents home.  I don’t remember if I told you all that, but we’re still here.  It’s going pretty great except for the things Jack has broken or put into the toilet.  Yes, the toilet.  If the toilet seat is up, something is going in!  Jack has heard the word “no” so many times, he has now started saying, “Nah, no” and I’m pretty sure he swatted at me last night and said “spank.”

Our house should be finished in the next couple of weeks but I have really enjoyed the time with my husband’s parents.  I don’t like to call them my in-laws because I think that gives a person this horrible thought.  Oh my goodness, you’re living with your “in-laws”?!  See what I mean?  I’m not going to lie, it was an adjustment.  In the beginning it seemed like I was having to yell at Jackson all the time.  He’s finally getting better at knowing what he can and can’t touch.  Is it normal that he’s only quiet when he’s sleeping?

I don’t have pictures of the new house yet but I still have some to post.  I haven’t baked a lot since we’ve been here but I have baked some.  Here’s a picture of the banana bread I made, wasn’t good enough to post the recipe, so enjoy the picture!  Let me know if you have an amazing recipe that I can try!  Always looking!

Brian (Evan’s dad) and I have started a garden!  He’s done a lot of the work but I’ve definitely put in  my two cents!  This is the beginning of the garden, the bed on the left is full of dirt but the one on the right is empty.  Right now, in the left most garden, we have radishes, carrots, green beans, onions, and lettuce growing.  The right is filled with dirt but no plants yet.  We have plans for zucchini and  squash for now.  I can’t wait until things are ready to eat!  (It’s our first garden, so any tips on that will also be appreciated, lol!)

And of course some pictures of my baby Jack!  We had a great Easter so I’ll post some of those pictures soon!  Have a great day and don’t forget to leave a comment, just so I know you’re out there!

And the crazy cat Todd.  He’s acts so sweet and cuddly and then he turns on you in an instant!

Haha well I hope you have a great day and got a kick out of that cat!  He’s seriously bipolar!  This Saturday our Relay For Life team is hosting a Ladies Tea and Luncheon at Shabby Gabby’s.  If you have a few free hours please feel free to stop by and eat with us.  It is at 11 am and is $20 per person.  Proceeds go to Relay For Life of Texas County.  Some of the money is actually used for our local citizens facing cancer, unlike a lot of other foundations.