It’s been too long!

When I discussed creating a blog with my mom, we had these ideas of a daily post, numerous activities to photograph and a ton of time to do it in. Well, fast forward to today and its 10 am already. I’m just now getting some makeup on and making myself look presentable just in case the UPS man shows up. A lot of times I hide in my bedroom so he doesn’t know I’m home but I’m sure he notices all the lights are on and most of the time the tv!

I set myself up for failure a lot with these expectations and then when I don’t reach them I quit. I absolutely love blogging just for the fact that it documents our lives. So I’ve decided that no matter how often I write its still better than nothing. Kind of like with my journal for our boys. There are two of them now. In case you didn’t know because I don’t think I ever wrote it! Here’s a picture of our little John David. He’s 7 1/2 months. We’re going to have to lower his crib!

Anyway I hope everyone has a great and productive day. I have to throw some eye liner on. If I don’t, most people ask me if I’m feeling ok…which I am. I just look sick if I don’t wear anything!



About Wonderfully Made

I am Evan's wife and Jackson's mom. I am a lover of all cooking, sewing, and crafting. I love learning new things and showing others how to do it as well. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and so thankful he died to cover my sins.

One response to “It’s been too long!

  1. You got it right. Well said! I fall short in my self expectations all the time. Makes me feel unworthy. BJ

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