Jack’s First Flight!

When you start thinking about taking a fourteen month old on his first plane ride, things begin to go through your mind. First, you begin to question the trip altogether. Or at least I did! We’ve all been on those plane rides, or you can just imagine…you have an uncontrollable toddler in the seat behind you. If you haven’t had kids, chances are you’re thinking, “That kid needs a spanking.” If you have kids you probably are thinking the poor baby probably needs to pop his ears because of the pressure built up or he probably needs a nap. If you’re a hard core parent you may also be thinking about the spanking.

Next, like me, you probably pick out some things to take with you in the case of a freak out. Where’s his favorite toy, his books, something new to interest him if the old stand-bys don’t work. And then there’s snacks. Those wonderful snacks. If your kids are or we’re anything like my Jackson, a good snack can end any tantrum. Although I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen him at his full potential for fit throwing.

So are you all hyped up about this plane ride? Because I was by the time we got to St. Louis. We wanted to see the Mall of America in Minnesota. My niece is on spring break this week, so her mom planned a trip with her son, my mom, me and Jack.

I was thinking I got a preview of this plane ride on the bus from the parking garage. Jack is under 2, so he’s considered a lap child. We didn’t have to pay for him so he would sit on my lap. On the ride in the bus, I had to sit him down multiple times and give him all kinds of snacks. Oh what a trip this would be!!

We checked our bags in and I had to give him some warnings about sitting in his stroller. When we got through security, we found an empty area and I let him run around. Kids this age need some time to just walk/run.

Finally they call our section and we get to go early because we have a baby. Great, we have to sit even longer. I thought about offering to go last but then we wouldn’t all be able to sit together. Super-mom that I am, I was holding my amazing Starbucks White Mocha, stroller with a toddler who has figured out how to stand up in it and my carry-on bag. Burning up because of a hot drink on a pretty warm day and nervous about Jack’s first flight, I got rid of my drink.

I know you’re thinking get on with it. Did he spill our drinks, scream for the entire hour, get us kicked off the plane? I am do excited to tell you he slept almost the entire time. He looked outside at people loading luggage until they were finished. Then he had a few snacks and I read his night night book twice. He was out in no time! I am so thankful it was such a nice trip. That goes to show you how little worrying does for you. It did help me plan for a meltdown and you never know how the trip home will be! Sorry for such a long post and I honestly don’t have any pictures. But come back soon as I tell about our trip!

Have a great week! Please plan on attending our Relay for Life Ladies Luncheon on Apr. 14th at 11 am. Tickets are $20 each and includes your meal. Let me know if you need tickets or you can pick them up at Friend Lumber or B. McCloy Salon. Both in Licking. Tickets will be sold until April 7th.

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